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Fransgard Equipment

Fransgard Maskinfabrik A/S is a Danish owned manufacturer of agricultural and forestry equipment. Fransgard's main objective has been to always produce the highest quality and most innovative products for the agricultural and forestry industry.

Forest Winch

The V-GS and V-EH models come equipped with a brand new brake system, with accessories incuding extra heavy covers and screens. With extra ground clearance and a pulling capacity of 9 metric tons, these new products can tackle even the heaviest loads.

Models supplied by Nordam enterprises are:

Mechanise models:

  • V-3000GS
  • V-4000GS
  • V-5000GS
  • V-6000GS
  • V-9000GS

Electro-hydraulic models:

  • V-5000GS-EH
  • V-6000GS-EH
  • V-9000GS-EH

Forest Tong

Forestry tong products need to be very robust to enable fast and easy hauling of logs from the forest. The HZ-2300 comes equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing the 2.3 metre (90") wide jaws. As well as a swing cylinder enabling fast retrieve of the loads. This unit requires two double action hydraulic valve spools. (An optional valve block is available for tractors with only one hydraulic valve outlet.).

Grass Machines

Our RV range comes equipped with a robust basket type rake and a working position of 3 metres to 3.9 metres. This tedder-rake comes with an enclosured crown and pin on gearbox - Ideal in rugged field conditions.


  • RV-300
  • RV-390

For more information please contact us.